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I’m Luca. Born in Tuscany, Italy. For as long as I can remember I have always been the center of attention, at least during Easter. Before and after that, not many people seem to care about me. I was very annoyed by this.

I showed up later and later, some days I just didn’t show up at all. Always those eggs. Always the same question “Hares don’t lay eggs, do they?”. I decided to quit and start looking for a new job. During my many travels through Italy I learned a lot about fashion.

I do not hide my preference for loafers and hats, on the contrary. With my knowledge of fashion and sense of elegance, I am sure that I am an asset to Silvester Maria. I don’t have many requirements for my employment contract, all I want is Easter off.



My name is Dexter, born in Barangaroo, Australia. I have been involved in marketing since childhood. It is known worldwide that we Koalas are picky eaters. All we eat is eucalyptus leaves. So I came up with the idea to make an ice cream called Eucalypo and that’s how my career started. From Santa Clauses on trucks to eaten apples on computers, I was there.

Now I have reached a new point in my career and that is with Silvester Maria and hats are right up my alley. Who do you think invented the hat on Crocidille Dundee?



My name is Maya. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico. After many years of parties, drugs and alcohol I decided to travel along the coast of America to find inner peace. Unfortunately I didn’t find it there. Everyone I met told me that I would have a better chance in India, so I decided to go to the Netherlands. I don’t let hipsters guide me.

The Netherlands is the land of tulips, weed and red windows. At least that’s how I saw it. No lie, but there is more in the Netherlands than this image. It is a land of opportunity.

After months of looking for a job, I was able to start at Silvester Maria. How lucky for Silvester Maria that I come from a family where hat making is a centuries old tradition. Who do you think invented the sombrero.